Iva Nikolic promoted to Chief Technology Officer

This week we’re celebrating the achievements of Iva Nikolic, PhD, our newly appointed Chief Technology Officer!

Formerly our Director of Functional Genomics and Screening, Iva’s unparalleled expertise in the highthroughput analysis of gene function has made her a core member of the oNKo Innate team. Iva’s creativity and vision continue to enable our discovery platform to stand apart from traditional approaches and answer some of the toughest questions in immuno-oncology. Beyond her technical prowess, Iva’s expertise in cancer biology shapes our understanding of the targets identified in our discovery research and helps develop these into viable pipeline programs.

Her enthusiasm, decision-making, and leadership skills allow her to navigate technical issues with finesse and make tough calls when they’re needed. She also ensures our different teams work as a cohesive unit, tackling cancer from all angles with our integrated technologies.

As our Chief Technology Officer, Iva will drive the development and implementation of new technologies at oNKo, enabling discoveries that will form the basis for a new wave of therapeutics. Congratulations Iva, and thank you for your unwavering enthusiasm and leadership – we couldn’t do it without you!

Iva will be at the Discovery on Target conference next week in Boston – if you’re attending, check out her presentation on our discovery platform

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