The oNKo-innate platforms encompass three discovery approaches that can be adapted to the research interests and specified goals of our partners. We also have multiple pipeline assets in pre-clinical development that are available for commercialization partnerships.  

We’re open to synergistic, value-driving industry partnerships and academic collaborations across the following key areas: 

Immuno-Oncology Target Discovery 

  • Harness the power of our advanced screening platform to identify targets in primary human immune cells and validate new hits with our in vitro and in vivo approaches. 
  • For immune cell phenotypic screening, utilize our CRISPR and Chemmunity platforms. 

First-In-Class Validated Cytokine Checkpoint Targets

  • Drive small-molecule drug discovery campaigns for targets like our oNKo-037 asset. 
  • License and optimize cytokine checkpoints as targets for edited cell therapies. 

Tumor Microenvironment Targeting 

  • Tackle the complex tumor microenvironment by licensing our oNKo-001 asset: a novel reduced-potency IL-12v-Fc. 

Partner with Us

Any target, any cell type. Join forces with oNKo-innate and help drive the immuno-oncology revolution! 

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