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Harnessing more of the immune system for better cancer outcomes
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We hosted @jonatcoquet from KI today at @oNKo_innate and heard some fascinating insights into novel roles for Th2 cells in infection and cancer. Thanks for the stimulating visit Jonno 🙏

@Dr_Nick_Bikes @oNKo_innate Pleased to come and talk at onko! It was a great environment to speak in. Thanks for entertaining my random thoughts on Cd4s and cancer

Calling all post-doc level scientists wanting a career in industry with some of the best in immuno-oncology research:
We can't wait to meet you --> applications close December 11 🙏

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With our deep understanding of Natural Killer (NK) cells, we aim to be the first to master NK cell biology and therapeutically harness the cancer-fighting abilities of these remarkable white blood cells.
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Using powerful genomic approaches, we screen primary immune cells and cancer cells to understand their interaction within a tumor.
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We are driven by the challenge of engaging the immune system to fight cancer, and focused on delivering the first truly effective NK cell immunotherapies.
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