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More recently, clinician scientists @Kaufm020 (PMID: 32531207) and @lab_rezvani @may_daher (PMID: 32902645) have validated CISH as a checkpoint in human NK cells and CAR NK cells thus pushing this discovery closer to the clinic to benefit cancer patients

I fondly remember presenting this CISH KO human NK cell data alongside @BioNTech_Group founder Uğur Şahin at the CIMT 2017 in Mainz and the excitement around potential NK cell therapies for cancer.

Having proven the CIS regulates IL-15 signalling in murine NK cells, now @oNKo_innate CEO Jai Rautela deleted CISH in human NK cells in late 2016 and found they too were exquisitely sensitive to IL-15 and had enhanced anti-tumor function

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Using powerful genomic approaches, we screen primary immune cells and cancer cells to understand their interaction within a tumor.
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