Deep thinking | Integrated capabilities

Reshaping the future of immuno-oncology

At oNKo-innate, our deep understanding of the immune system is inimitable. Through our technology-enabled, biology-driven approach, we are making discoveries that will underpin the next generation of cancer treatments. Unbound by convention, our mission is to transform bold new ideas into therapies that cure more cancer patients. 

The cancer-immunity cycle is incredibly complex, with cancer cells and immune cells forming a network of regulatory interactions. 

At oNKo-Innate, we use our integrated biological and computational platforms to explore and dissect this complex immune network…  

Discovering novel targets that orchestrate the immune response to tumors…  

And manipulate these to redirect the immune system and improve the anti-cancer response. 

Our unparalleled expertise in cancer biology allows us to turn these targets into novel cancer immunotherapies. 

With a completely unbiased approach, we can explore any target, in any cell type, to create the most effective therapies. We’re leading the immuno-oncology revolution.

Our Platforms

Functional Genomics and Target Discovery 

Our universal functional genomics screening platform encompasses in vitro screens of primary human immune cells, in vivo screens in mice, and Chemmunity screening for novel compound libraries. 

Computational Biology 

Our computational biology platform is key for the identification and development of novel therapeutic targets, enabling the interrogation of high-dimension and complex data. 

Protein Engineering and Biotherapeutics

Our therapeutic discovery platform harnesses advanced protein engineering expertise to generate complex biologics and accelerate small molecule campaigns. 

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