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Harnessing more of the immune system for better cancer outcomes
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Fascinating discovery led by Michael Chopin @WEHI_research
Differential role of PRC2 complex in myeloid cell development. Michael is emerging as a national leader in myeloid/DC research. Very exciting area 👏

@Daily_Experts Blood Cancer Awareness Month. Our @MonashBDI lab and @oNKo_innate are working hard on understanding NK cell biology to reveal drug targets to boost NK cell immunity to blood cancers. Tumour engager biologics and CAR cell therapies are having a BIG impact but still lots to do.....

We’re delighted to receive $16.12 million through the State Government’s Victorian Higher Education State Investment Fund to enhance smart manufacturing, and #research and development commercialisation at Monash. 🧑‍🔬 Learn more:

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With our deep understanding of Natural Killer (NK) cells, we aim to be the first to master NK cell biology and therapeutically harness the cancer-fighting abilities of these remarkable white blood cells.
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Using powerful genomic approaches, we screen primary immune cells and cancer cells to understand their interaction within a tumor.
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We are driven by the challenge of engaging the immune system to fight cancer, and focused on delivering the first truly effective NK cell immunotherapies.
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