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Harnessing more of the immune system for better cancer outcomes
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Looking for a job in a fast-paced and dynamic environment where you'll be working at the interface between our research and commercialisation teams? This role may be for you... Applications close March 3.

Our 3rd most downloaded Review of 2020: The cancer–natural killer cell immunity cycle
Nicholas D. Huntington, Joseph Cursons & Jai Rautela
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The Comp Biol & Bioinformatics team @oNKo_innate is hiring!

The oNKo computational team are lucky to work with one of the top CRISPR screening teams in the world as we search for new cancer immunotherapies:

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With our deep understanding of Natural Killer (NK) cells, we aim to be the first to master NK cell biology and therapeutically harness the cancer-fighting abilities of these remarkable white blood cells.
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Using powerful genomic approaches, we screen primary immune cells and cancer cells to understand their interaction within a tumor.
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We are driven by the challenge of engaging the immune system to fight cancer, and focused on delivering the first truly effective NK cell immunotherapies.
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