Our Platforms


Functional Genomics and Target Discovery 

At oNKo-innate, we believe it’s important to understand the entire cancer-immunity cycle to advance novel cancer immunotherapies. With this in mind, we have developed a universal functional genomics approach for immuno-oncology that overcomes common issues in immuno-oncology screening.

in vitro screening of primary human immune cells 

Our versatile CRISPR screening platform enables high-throughput phenotypic screening in hard-to-manipulate primary human immune cells. Our in-house immunology expertise allows us to select meaningful screening pressures and phenotypic readouts, and an integrated computational pipeline helps us identify and prioritise targets for further validation studies.

in vivo screening

As an orthogonal validation tool, and to access biological mechanisms that cannot be recreated in vitro, we have developed a sophisticated in vivo functional genomics platform. This platform can be applied to genetically manipulate all immune cell lineages, directly within the tumor microenvironment (TME). This unbiased and comprehensive approach allows us to identify novel genetic factors that can enhance anti-tumor immunity in the complex milieu of inflammatory and immunosuppressive signals typically found within the TME.


To accelerate the drug discovery process for our partners, we adapted our platform to screen novel compound libraries in a panel of bespoke, high throughput screening assays in primary immune cells. Powered by insights gleaned from our genetic screens about the most relevant functional readouts, our Chemmunity platform generates a detailed phenotypic fingerprint of the immunological effects of these compounds. Analysis of the resulting feature-rich, high-dimensional data allows us to identify the most promising compounds and the mechanisms that drive robust phenotypic changes in immune cells, including increased anti-tumor function.

Our functional genomics and screening platform and knowledge of immune cell biology drive target discovery, seeding the oNKo-innate development pipeline. Our unique in-house immunobiology screening capabilities also enable our partners to accelerate their own campaigns.

Here at oNKo, we’re combining our inimitable biological expertise with cutting-edge technologies to drive the immuno-oncology revolution.


Computational Biology 

Unlocking the complexities of cancer biology and developing successful immunotherapies requires computational power and biological expertise. At oNKo-innate, our computational biology platform is key for the identification and development of novel therapeutic targets, enabling the interrogation of high-dimensional and complex data.  

With proprietary analysis pipelines and specialist knowledge of underlying tumour biology, we accelerate the interpretation of results from our functional genomics CRISPR screening platform, examining the relevance of targets identified from these screens and identifying targets for the design of custom sub-libraries.  

Our advanced computational biology platform ensures we can perform a comprehensive analysis of any data completely in-house, from clinical tumour data such as single-cell RNA-seq, to SNPs from patient genomes and public CRISPR screening databases.  

Importantly, a completely unbiased approach ensures that we’re asking the right questions of the data, rather than looking for results that fit our prior assumptions. 


Protein Engineering and Biotherapeutics

Building tools and therapies for the immuno-oncology revolution 

At oNKo-Innate, we are modality agnostic: we believe that pursuing targets with the strongest biological activity is the best strategy to deliver effective therapies to patients. That’s why we developed an advanced therapeutic discovery and development platform.

Seamlessly integrated with our target discovery and computational platforms, we use our therapeutic discovery and development platform to generate bespoke tools for functional genomics screening, provide reagents for antibody and small molecule screening, design and characterize novel biologics from scratch.

Leveraging our cutting-edge protein engineering expertise and deep knowledge of structural biology, this platform allows us to tailor our approach to pursue any target of interest and gain insights into their mechanisms of action. We have expertise in the development of both complex biologics and small-molecule targets, meaning we leave no stone unturned in the fight against cancer.